With Total Practice you get to Practice More & Manage Less

Have you been searching for a better way to build and manage your law practice? Well, you have finally found the right solution at Total Practice!

Total Practice is cloud-based practice management software for lawyers, it takes all of your critical practice challenges such as; cases, contacts, calendars, documents, billing and client communication, and organizes them in a way that is extremely simple, easy-to-use and intuitive.

Manage Legal Cases & Matters

Keep every important detail organized and easily accessible with Total Practice’s practice management tools, also Total Practice can easily adapt to any practice area.

Tasks & To-Dos

With Total Practice’s tasks and project management features, you can easily assign tasks for yourself and members of your firm, also monitor progress and stay up-to-date on what needs to be get done.

Time & Billing Features

With Total Practice’s easy-to-use time and expense tracking feature, you can easily manage accounts and client payments as well as create invoices that you can share with your clients.

Your clients can even pay online.

Financial Performance Reports

Total Practice’s practice management platform you can easily create bills and get paid, due to its feature rich time and billing system.

Total Practice’s sophisticated reporting makes it an ideal practice management software solution.

Calendars & Reminders

Automatic notifications are built in Total Practice, so when a company member creates an event to your calendar, you will automatically get notified.

With Total Practice you can easily share events with your clients and company members, also set reminders to ensure that you get notified about all the important meetings or deadlines.

Most importantly, all calendars in Total Practice are up-to-date and synchronized on all devices.

Keep Track of Contact Information

Every client, expert and business contact are organized in one database and easily available from anywhere with Total Practice cloud-based practicement management software.

Apart from the standard contact information, Total Practice also provides custom fields that allow you to swiftly locate a phone number as well as verify past payments.

With Total Practice you get to Practice More & Manage Less