How A Document Management System (DMS) Can Make Life Less Frustrating For Legal Professionals

Have you been searching for a better way to build and manage your law practice?

As a busy legal professional, your critical files and documents and are extremely important to your work.

In order to make it easier for legal professionals to carry out their key day to day tasks and eliminate the frustration, a document management system (DMS) smooths out the user experience by providing you with an easy and intuitive method to access legal documents, cases and matters, even clients you have worked with.

Here are a few ways a document management system can make finding, accessing, and working with your critical files a lot easier, in order to provide a less frustrating experience for legal professionals:

Finding What You Need

Let’s say you need to retrieve a legal brief you edited last month.

Do you remember the exact date you worked on a case?

A document management system provides a powerful, yet simple search interface with multiple filtering options, that makes it easy for you to go through large result sets for instance:

  • Showing you only MS Word documents you have edited in the past 7 days or
  • Showing you only PDF files that you have printed in the past 10 days.

A document management system is intelligent enough to offer personalized and modified search results based on your past behavior.

Visual History of A Document

Let’s say you want toknow what’s been happening with a divorce agreement.

Who has changed or viewed the document?

How has the document evolved over the past few months?

For intuitive understanding, easy visualization and better decision-making, a document management system provides a timeline showing a visual history of the document across various versions for instance:

  • “Mr. Smith edited the document at 12:10:30” or
  • “Mr. Baker printed the document at 10:30.35.”

The Help Function of A DMS

The “Help” function of a document management system is very helpful, it provides simple and useful assistance to you when and where you need it. Additionally, you can keep track of what help it has already provided so that it doesn’t repeat itself and waste your time.

After all, legal professionals are busy people and got work to do.

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Posted on: 4th April 2017

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