Total Practice has an efficient and easy-to-use billing software.

Total Practic’s easy-to-use legal billing features offer a simple and straightforward approach that eliminates the monotonous aspects of billing, invoicing, time-tracking and payment processing.

Total Practice’s legal billing tools make it easy for you to send out invoices, track your time and even get paid faster.


Create Professional Legal Invoices

With Total Practice’s legal billing features, all your unbilled time and expense entries are pulled into a legal invoice.

With Total Practice you can easily customize legal invoices with your logo and share them with your clients.

Trust Accounts & Retainers

With Total Practice's legal billing software, every transaction is documented so you can view detailed case histories and account balances for every client.

Online Client Payment Options

By linking Total Practice’s legal billing tools to your operating accounts, you can easily accept online payments into your Total Practice account.

Schedule Payment Plans

With Total Practice’s Payment Plan Generator, you can easily create a payment schedule for your client.

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