With Total Practice's easy-to-use document management tool and foldering features, stay organized and on top of your documents.

There’s no storage limitations, so you can upload all you want.

With Total Practice you can easily create a firm library of documents and then share them with your clients.

One of the advantages of Total Practice’s cloud-based practice management platform is that the ability to store large amounts of information with no latency issues.

With Total Practice legal document management you can upload all of your company’s documents and can view your documents in Total Practice, no matter where you are, if it’s day or night.



Document Management Tools

With Total Practice getting all of your documents is easy, you simply have to upload all of your legal documents at once with Total Practice’s built-in document management tool.

With Total Practice’s document management tool you will have instant access to all of your firm’s files, including; file notes, court orders, legal research, memos, pleadings, and more.

To manage your documents more efficiently you can also create a library.

Total Practice also offers foldering features, which is a great way to manage your documents.



You can easily:

· Create an unlimited number of folders for each case.

· Easily move documents into any folder you want.

A Complete Practice Management Software Solution For Modern Virtual, Solo Lawyers, Small & Medium Sized Law Firms.